Monthly Pool Cleaning Packages

We have 3 standard monthly pool cleaning packages to choose from. We can also adapt a package for your specific needs.

Chemical Only Package ~ $129.95 per month ~ 1 visit per week

Maintain Chemical Levels

Test water for Chlorine, Alkalinity, pH, and Cyanuric Acid

Treat water with necessary chemicals for sanitation and pH control


Chemicals & Clean Package ~ $149.95 per month ~ 1 visit per week

Chemical Only Package PLUS

System Check

Check timers for accuracy

Check equipment for proper operation and leaks


Brush walls and steps (Entire pool floor as needed)

Empty debris baskets (skimmers & pump) and sweep bags (Polaris)

Remove debris from top and bottom of pool

Backwash as needed, add DE


Chemicals, Clean & Vacuum Package ~ $229.95 per month ~ 1 visit per week

Chemicals & Clean Package PLUS

Weekly Vacuuming

Vacuum pool bottom each visit